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Mike Cole - Group MD
  • Music - Dire Straits
  • Food - Tapas
  • Film - Usual Suspects
  • TV Programme - Suits
  • Most Like to Meet - Mark Knopfler
  • Start Date - April, 2006
It's a dilemma being an estate agent. It's not a career choice the industry reputation allows one to be naturally proud of, but the fact is I love estate agency!! I love the variety, the environment, the competitiveness, the challenges, the client interaction and so much more.

To counter the reputation I personally insist on Imagine adopting a truly ethical stance on all our dealing with clients that is drilled in to all of my staff throughout their employment. Being honest and genuine does not need to come at the expense of ambition and sales skills. It is perfectly feasible to encourage someone to buy or let a property without resorting to shallow tactics. Anyone working at Imagine is directed to master this craft if they expect their employment to be of a long term nature.

It's policy that instils core values into our team. This means you will be dealing with property people you actually can trust!
Glenn Smith - Sales & Lettings Director
  • Music - Coldplay
  • Food - Roast Beef
  • Film - Gladiator
  • TV Programme - Countryfile
  • Most Like to Meet - Michael Phelps
  • Start Date - August, 2006
Glenn has been with me since the start. Hand-picked as the most talented agent I had worked with in my career, Glenn quickly became a key employee and was soon running the Watford Branch when I moved upstairs to run the business side of things as we expanded. As the branch continued to thrive Glenn’s importance to the business was obvious and so I ensured he was rewarded with the opportunity for stakes in our WD25 and Land & New Homes businesses. In August 2015 he began his current role of managing the sales performance of all our sales staff and departments. The respect he has within the Group means everyone looks up to him as role model.
Mark Matthews NFOPP Qualified - Area Lettings Manager
  • Music - Richard Ashcroft
  • Food - Lobster Thermador
  • Film - The Shawshank Redemption
  • TV Programme - Match of the Day
  • Most Like to Meet - Mark Cavendish
  • Start Date - June, 2006
Mark is a class act. Very experienced, with over twenty years in the industry although annoyingly, aside from a few grey hairs that don't show up in his picture, he never seems to age. Very assured and adept at calmly dealing with the stresses and strains that can come with working in Lettings. We converted him from having spent all his formative years on the Sales side of the business to take over Lettings as a fresh challenge. When he joined Imagine he originally took just a six month contract. In April 2016 he became our first ten year employee!!!
Angela Ellis - Head of Marketing
  • Music - Anything 80s
  • Food - Asian
  • Film - Pulp Fiction
  • TV Programme - Lie to me
  • Most Like to Meet - Steve Carell
  • Start Date - April, 2014
Angela had run her own successful marketing company for a number of years during which time Imagine had availed ourselves of her services on a very regular basis. She was responsible for our logo, website, adverts among other things and as such was almost part of the team anyway. But as she looked to step away from the pressure of full on business ownership we spotted a chance to secure the services of someone very talented. Her remit now also includes our Social Media, Leaflets, Welcome Packs, New Homes Brochures, Branding, Copywriting and more… in one of the most wide ranging roles we have. Handily, she loves Purple.
Hazel Batchelar - Marketing Assistant
  • Music - Michael Jackson
  • Food - Italian
  • Film - The Hobbit
  • TV Programme - Narcos
  • Most Like to Meet - David Attenborough
  • Start Date - January, 2017
Hazel joined our marketing team in December 2016 to support our ever-growing marketing team. With the breadth of our advertising now including everything from traditional print and billboards, through to more modern targeted digital media, her background in designing and delivering a variety of marketing campaigns will be a real asset to our brand. Definitely a challenging role which requires plate spinning skills, working to tight deadlines and an incredible eye for detail. All whilst having the patience of a saint!
Sharon Hargreaves - Head of Finance
  • Music - The Stereophonics
  • Food - Indian
  • Film - The Notebook
  • TV Programme - Breaking Bad
  • Most Like to Meet - David Attenborough
  • Start Date - November, 2014
As Imagine has grown so too has the volume of accounting requirements for the business. Lettings particularly is very accounts intensive which adds heavily to the usual business requirements for Tax and VAT and wages and book-keeping and P&L's etc... Sharon had long had influence over our finances in some capacity and so when we needed an individual to head up this department she was the obvious and clear choice. Aside of her superb numerical skills, she is also bubbly and enthusiastic which are not traits always associated with accountants. And she does a mean spreadsheet!
Cezar Ciobanu - Accounts
  • Music - Boyce Avenue
  • Food - Lasagne
  • Film - Schindler's List
  • TV Programme - Top Gear
  • Most Like to Meet - Adam Levine
  • Start Date - June, 2014
Cezar hails from Romania where apparently his surname means Shepherd. It would be very corny to suggest he is a welcome addition to our flock, but since when has being corny stopped an estate agent. As Imagine has grown the importance of a watertight infrastructure increases, no more so than with accounts. This is especially prevalent in Lettings which drives a massive number of transactions and accounts requirements. Cesar has a love of numbers and provides a calmness in this challenging environment that keeps everyone relaxed and confident things are under control.
Dean Carr - Sales Negotiator
  • Music - Arctic Monkeys
  • Food - Chicken Madras
  • Film - Superbad
  • TV Programme - MOTD
  • Most Like to Meet - David Attenborough
  • Start Date - January, 2014
After 5 years of running fruit and veg departments for Sainsbury’s, Dean made a brave move to swap careers completely and start afresh. He swapped bananas for bungalows and artichokes for apartments, but for all you would know there’s little difference, so natural has his cross over been. Excellent customer service skills matched with a real hunger to make the most of his opportunity has seen Dean make a serious impact in a short time. Definitely has a big future ahead of him.
Jackie Hughes - Accounts
  • Music - Most of the 70’s
  • Food - Good old roast
  • Film - The Bourne Identity Films
  • TV Programme - Homeland
  • Most Like to Meet - Alan Carr
  • Start Date - January, 2014
Jackie brings her considerable accounts experience to a complex role. Letting businesses create serious accounting challenges with substantial volumes of invoices, transfers, payments and statements. All have to be strictly monitored to comply with industry regulations and that means you really need someone who knows their stuff. Jackie has worked in the property industry for many years in various accounting posts. She is direct, straight talking and thorough which are all essential attributes required to stay in control of this key department.
Irena Voitkevic - Accounts
  • Music - Jazz
  • Food - Seafood
  • Film - Love Actually
  • TV Programme - Gand Designs
  • Most Like to Meet - Angela Jolie
  • Start Date - March, 2011
Irena is subcontracted from our book-keeping company Calculus, but these days she is here so often that frankly she is considered by us all as one of the team. Of Lithuanian decent she has mastered the English language and culture superbly. Accounts people are often not great communicators, they tend to be happier in front of a pc or a book doing sums, but in Irena's case she is a pleasure to have around the place with her bubbly character and enthusiasm. Hopefully her two young children don't take her too far away from our accounts department any time soon.
Marcia Brightman - Renewals
  • Music - I'm a 'soul girl'!
  • Food - Ravioli
  • Film - All of the 'Halloween's'
  • TV Programme - Family Guy
  • Most Like to Meet - Lord Alan Sugar
  • Start Date - April, 2011
Marcia had a brief stint with Imagine back in 2009, but circumstances meant she moved on as quickly as she started. However, she had created an excellent impression with her ability to do the job and so when Jupiter's moon drifted, the stars collided and fate bought her back on to our radar it didn't take too long for us to agree terms and start back where we left off. For her first eighteen months she has been running the Bushey Lettings department, but in 2013 she starts a new chapter as a Property Manager where her wise head and calm demeanour will be an excellent asset.
Kelly Alder NFOPP Qualified - Head of Renewals
  • Music - Beyonce
  • Food - Italian
  • Film - Anything funny.
  • TV Programme - Big Bang Theory!
  • Most Like to Meet - Ryan Gosling
  • Start Date - March, 2014
Kelly has swapped the unsociable hours of her role as Nightclub VIP host for a more career based role in Lettings. However the organisational skills she had needed along with the bubbly personality her previous role demanded, make for ideal traits in this client focused position. A local girl with a mature head on young shoulders, her journey with Imagine has great potential.
Tom McBride - Land Director
  • Music - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • Food - Creole Chicken
  • Film - The Business
  • TV Programme - Eastenders
  • Most Like to Meet - Ricky Hatton
  • Start Date - January, 2007
Tom is an outstanding example of how you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it and work hard for it. He joined in 2007 having never worn a suit in his life and over the next 7 years developed in to the complete all-round property person. Excelling in every area of the business Tom has worked in sales and lettings, ran established branches and opened new branches. In 2014 he was the stand out candidate in our ranks to join our growing Land and New Homes department where his eye for a deal and tenacity would get duly rewarded. So convinced was I in his ability to make this element of the business a success, he was offered the opportunity to take a stake and as such has committed his future to Imagine for the long term. This also gives New Homes Developers the confidence to know they are forging a quality long term relationship.
Danny Payton - New Homes Director
  • Music - Toploader
  • Food - Anything my Mother-in-law cooks
  • Film - Shaun of the Dead
  • TV Programme - The Mentalist
  • Most Like to Meet - Sir Ranulph Fiennes
  • Start Date - January, 2010
Danny has worked in Estate Agency for 20 years plus. He has only ever worked for two companies, joining Imagine in 2011 after 15 years illustrious service at a North London agency. Since joining Imagine he has earned a stake in both St Albans and the WD25 offices as well as the New Homes Business. His latest role as our New Homes Director sees him oversee the delivery of sales performance to developers on sites we are marketing. This involves driving the branch sales teams and working directly with key Investors in a high pressure environment that his experience and work ethic make him ideal for.
Ty North - Land & New Homes Manager
  • Music - The Eagles
  • Food - Steak
  • Film - Goodfellas
  • TV Programme - Luther
  • Most Like to Meet - Will Ferrell
  • Start Date - July, 2016
Ty is well known in property circles in Watford having previously represented the local paper with all their estate agency clients. He cut his teeth in Land dealings for a year with another agent before being lured by the success Imagine was having in the New Homes field. As this business has grown rapidly for us, the need to secure additional quality people to our ranks had become crucial. Our history with Ty and his wealth of property knowledge made him the ideal candidate.
Paul Markey - Assistant Sales Manager
  • Music - Anything I can car pool karaoke to with my daughter
  • Food - Chinese
  • Film - Braveheart
  • TV Programme - First Dates
  • Most Like to Meet - Jurgen Klopp
  • Start Date - February 2017
Having heard several positive reports about Paul from close contacts of ours we set about head hunting him from one of the larger corporate agents locally. Luckily for us he’d become a little disillusioned with how things were developing for him and was very keen on the Imagine challenge. Since his arrival, the Branch has gone from strength to strength both in terms of the Team in general and the continued improvement of our Market Share. A really bright start and a fantastic addition to the Imagine Team.
Amy Forster - Administrator
  • Music - Coldplay/Ed Sheeran
  • Food - Italian
  • Film - The Lord of the rings
  • TV Programme - The Walking Dead
  • Most Like to Meet - Wentworth Miller
  • Start Date - May 2017
Amy is one of our most versatile employees having spent time in multiple departments, doing a mix of hours. No matter which team she is supporting, they get a reliable and fun employee who mixes well with everyone and will always give her best. Currently splits her time between New Homes and WD25 doing such tasks as sales letters, adding new instructions to our databases and preparing our weekly developer reports.
Laura Shaw - Property Manager
  • Music - Beyonce
  • Food - Chicken
  • Film - The Lion King
  • TV Programme - The Good Wife
  • Most Like to Meet - Beyonce
  • Start Date - June, 2016
Laura is an experienced property manager who previously worked in the armed forces environment. That's a tough training ground that has prepared her very much for the challenges of managing relationships between tenants and landlords. Having had a career break to start a family, she is now back in the property fold and very much someone we hope will become an integral part of our back end team.
Jamie Downs - Senior Branch Manager
  • Music - Bob Marley
  • Food - Curry
  • Film - Good Bye Charlie Bright
  • TV Programme - Only Fools and Horses
  • Most Like to Meet - Kenny Jackett
  • Start Date - February, 2012
Jamie is arguably the best sales person at Imagine. In amongst some very high quality individuals that's quite an accolade. He joined us in 2011 taking a step back from a Manager's Role, but a step up in terms of the quality of business he worked for. In his first year he won our sought after Top Performer Accolade and repeated the feat two years later. That made him the obvious candidate to take over the running of our Watford Branch in Jan 2014 a challenge he of course rose to establishing new record results and market share for us. He was promoted to Senior Branch Manager in Jan 2017.
Amir Abassi - Assistant Sales Manager
  • Music - R & B
  • Food - Mac & Cheese
  • Film - The Butterfly Effect
  • TV Programme - Eastenders
  • Most Like to Meet - Mike Tyson
  • Start Date - September, 2016
Amir started with us in September 2016 having spent several years in the industry learning his trade with NW London based agent. As a result, he brings across a high level of industry knowledge and is something of a valuing specialist with a prolific track record to look back on. He comes to Imagine in search of greater career progression and we already have one eye on him having the potential of becoming one of our Branch Managers in the future.
Sadie Stocks - New Home Sales Representative
  • Music - Boyce Avenue
  • Food - Pasta
  • Film - Home Alone
  • TV Programme - Great British Bake off
  • Most Like to Meet - Marilyn Monroe
  • Start Date - September, 2014
We are delighted to have Sadie back with Imagine after taking maternity leave from her previous position with us as Assistant Sales Manager. On returning we have slotted her in to our New Homes division where she has the experience this challenging and competitive sales role requires. Bursting with energy and infectious enthusiasm, Sadie brightens up any department she works in and undoubtedly her skillsets will enhance this departments results.
Valerie Slevin - Group Administrator
  • Music - Elvis Presley
  • Food - Thai
  • Film - Dirty Dancing
  • TV Programme - Eggheads
  • Most Like to Meet - Mohammad Ali
  • Start Date - March, 2007
Valerie has been a model employee for us for a number of years now, and has made the switch from Sales Progression to Administration. Valerie is the backbone for each of our Sales Offices, making sure that everything from Property Brochures to Sales Letters are administered promptly and correctly, allowing our Sales staff to focus on selling – safe in the knowledge that everything else is in Valerie’s safe hands. Her knowledge of our Sales business is invaluable making her a key part of our team.
Jessica Briggs - Property Manager
  • Music - James Bay
  • Food - Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Film - Tears of the sun
  • TV Programme - Sons of Anarchy
  • Most Like to Meet - Beyonce
  • Start Date - July, 2016
Jessica was recommended to Imagine when we created a new role as our Lettings Administrator. She had previously worked in the Spa at The Grove so we knew her customer service skills were outstanding and following a role organizing IT geeks her admin skills had also been finely honed. Her bubbly personality, with a not to be underestimated steely streak made her a perfect candidate to step in to a front line sales role. After 18 months excelling, which included winning our prestigious Top Banker trophy, some health issues required her to do a few less hours and revert back to admin. We were able to accommodate this by moving her in to Property Management . It’s a given on her being just as successful in this post as she was in her others.
Brian Moran - Branch Manager
  • Music - Van Morrison
  • Food - Pasta
  • Film - Scarface
  • TV Programme - Ray Donovan
  • Most Like to Meet - Van Morrison
  • Start Date - January 2017
Having been in Estate Agency for a number of years, Brian comes to Imagine with vast experience, industry knowledge and superb man management skills, making him an obvious candidate to head up our Bushey Office. The Bushey Branch has been successful for some time already and Brian has been tasked with improving on those results and taking that branch to a whole new level. To his credit he’s set these wheels in motion very quickly and we’re all looking forward to seeing how far it can go. Exciting times ahead.
Kelly Bell - Head of Sales Progression
  • Music - Beyonce
  • Food - Potatoes
  • Film - Bridesmaids
  • TV Programme - For the Love of Dogs
  • Most Like to Meet - Dali Lama
  • Start Date - July, 2016
One of the most challenging jobs in the Imagine setup is Sales Progression. It requires a steely determination and tenacity to drive Chains through to Exchange, whilst maintaining a high level of diplomacy to handle tricky situations and having empathy for some of the stress our clients can experience during this time. It’s not easy to find staff with this mix of qualities, but in Kelly we have found just that. Kelly rightly earned her promotion to become Head of this department, meaning she will continue to progress her own Sales, as well as overseeing the Sales Pipeline for the whole Imagine Group. A big task, but definitely the right person for the job.
Jason Baker - Director
  • Music - Razorlight
  • Food - Thai
  • Film - Once Were Warriors
  • TV Programme - Ready Steady Cook
  • Most Like to Meet - Noel Gallagher
  • Start Date - February, 2007
Jason's background was in the hotel and catering industry. He had become disillusioned with the lack of rewards for his hard work and turned to Estate Agency in 2007. In Imagine he found the perfect company to suit his style. His strong customer service attributes tied in with our ethos and he climbed the ladder very quickly to earn the chance to have a stake in his own branch in 2009. He's battled to meet the challenges of running a business, while building a stand out reputation in Bushey as a considerate and hardworking person who genuinely cares about his clients requirements. By mid-2012 his branch was market leader and since then the office has thoroughly consolidated that position. Jason holds a stake in the entire business and we use his talents in various areas with him currently running the office in WD25.
Scott Walker NFOPP Qualified - Pics ‘n’ Plans
  • Music - Royal Blood
  • Food - Lamb Dansak
  • Film - The Lord of the Rings
  • TV Programme - Escape to the Chateau
  • Most Like to Meet - Paloma Faith
  • Start Date - July, 2015
Scott has taken one of the more unusual career changes while at Imagine. From a steady performer in our Lettings Team, he had displayed a real spark for creativity and design that didn’t get much chance to flourish. At the same time we were reviewing how we outsourced photography. The stars collided and we sent Scott on some intensive photography and design software training. He took to it like a duck to water and in fairly short time we had our own in-house quality photographer producing much better pictures and floor plans than we had ever had. He was available 24/7 and totally committed to Imagine. A win / win for us and him and a great addition to our infrastructure.
Claire Berke NFOPP Qualified - Admin Manager
  • Music - Funky House
  • Food - Roast dinner
  • Film - Notting Hill
  • TV Programme - Hollyoaks
  • Most Like to Meet - Robbie Williams
  • Start Date - July, 2009
In my 20 years in the industry, Claire is one of the easiest employees to manage I've had the good fortune to work with. She never gets emotionally carried away, whether things are going for or against her, she is a model of consistency, easy going and well-natured. Despite her placid demeanor she does also hold the Imagine world record for lets agreed in a month - a staggering 17!!! After many years loyal service she has stepped back from the front line sales to head up the ever increasing burden that is letting admin where her experience and knowledge are invaluable.
Matthew Swallow - New Homes Sales Consultant
  • Music - Club Classics
  • Food - BBQ
  • Film - Crazy Stupid Love
  • TV Programme - Suits
  • Most Like to Meet - Scott Disick
  • Start Date - April 2017
Matthew has switched Courtroom for Living Rooms, Bedrooms and Kitchens having spent the last few years as a Barristers Clerk in Central London. He is used to matching QC Barristers to high profile Court Cases and plans to use his transferrable skills to start matching people to property. He has a passion for New Homes in particular and set his stall out to get an opportunity within this department of Imagine, which we have duly obliged. Looks the part, sounds the part, should be a future star…
Harley Hopkins - Lettings Manager
  • Music - RnB
  • Food - Italian anything
  • Film - Shawshank Redemption
  • TV Programme - Marvels Agent Shield
  • Most Like to Meet - Adele
  • Start Date - February 2017
Truly an old head on young shoulders, Harley is one of our younger managers in the group, however she brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience. In her previous role she wore many hats and was in charge of a large lettings/management department where she was involved in all aspects of the industry. With a year under her belt now at Imagine and proven track record in our WD25 lettings team we Have now promoted Harley to take care of our New Hemel Hempstead office. Our landlords and tenants couldn’t be in safer hands.
Drew Cardines - Sales Negotiator
  • Music - American/UK R&B
  • Food - Curry Goat and Rice and Peas
  • Film - Batman: The Dark Night Rises
  • TV Programme - Breaking Bad
  • Most Like to Meet - Lionel Messi
  • Start Date -
Having built up two years’ experience with a smaller independent agency covering both Sales and Lettings, Drew felt the time was right to step out of his comfort zone and really push his career forward. He is an instantly likeable chap with a fantastic work ethic – two of his many attributes that saw him land a plum Negotiators role in our Head Office Branch. Big things expected.
Amber Harris - Lettings Negotiator
  • Music - The Charts
  • Food - Pizza
  • Film - Bend it Like Beckham
  • TV Programme - Towie
  • Most Like to Meet - Kourtney Kardashian
  • Start Date - June, 2017
Fate has brought this driven young lady into imagines hands, and what a catch! From this meek and mild individual that had been dressing windows for a well-known high street retailer and had second thoughts about even coming for the interview, she has flourished into an excellent lettings negotiator. We knew there was a competitive spirit in her, coming from a footballing background at Watford ladies, but we never quite expected her to hit the ground so quickly. I’m sure by her own admission she has a lot to learn but we have high expectations’
Ashley Orbell - Lettings Negotiator
  • Music - House
  • Food - Indian
  • Film - Taken
  • TV Programme - Can't Pay? We'll Take it Away!
  • Most Like to Meet - Justin Bieber
  • Start Date - June, 2017
Ashley has shelved his culinary skills where he worked for a well-known food outlet franchise to Bricks and Mortar. He is youthful young man with boyish good looks, and has a likable enthusiastic approach to property, bitten by the bug of his father’s portfolio he turns his hands to the lettings industry, where he has proven that he can turn his hands to matching prospective tenants with properties. Although by his own admission he has a lot to learn an take on board, if he keeps the same positive approach that he has shown in his first couple of months we have no doubt he will be a proven success within the industry.
Jake Ifrah - Lettings Negotiator
  • Music - Classical / Movie Soundtracks
  • Food - Doughnuts
  • Film - Inception
  • TV Programme - Narcos
  • Most Like to Meet - Jordan Beflort
  • Start Date - October 2017
Jake has joined the Imagine Team as a Trainee Lettings Negotiator in our Bushey Branch. Born and bred locally, Jake is an expert in Bushey Life and is well positioned to advise tenants on suitable locations, schooling and the best local restaurants. What he lacks in experience he makes up for with enthusiasm and charm and early signs have been very promising. Pleased to have him on board.
Kelly Fordham - Head of Property Management
  • Music - All genres
  • Food - Italian
  • Film - Shawshank Redemption
  • TV Programme - Peaky Blinders
  • Most Like to Meet - Tom Hardy
  • Start Date - September 2017
Kelly has a wealth of experience in both the residential and commercial property management sectors. When our previous Head of PM departed on maternity, she steered us to her former boss, Kelly. That proved to be an inspired choice as she quickly integrated all she had learnt in her previous roles, in to our systems. This allowed us to move on to another level. She has a calm demeanor, essential in this role and is top draw organizationally, also essential. Runs a slick operation – just how we and our landlords like it.
Jack Kingsley - Lettings Manager
  • Music - The Classic’s
  • Food - Greek Food
  • Film - American Gangster
  • TV Programme - Suits
  • Most Like to Meet - Micky Flanagan
  • Start Date - December 2017
Handpicked from one of our local rivals, Jack has a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge of the Lettings Market. Having worked locally in the industry for several years, Jack is able to confidently advise Landlords on the ideal styles of properties / locations to invest in, as well as discussing ways of maximising their investment. Jack has already shown himself as an outstanding addition to the Imagine Team, and we look forward to Jack and his team building on our success in the months and years to come.
Prudence Squires - Lettings Negotiator
  • Music - Jamiroquai
  • Food - Seafood
  • Film - Superbad
  • TV Programme - Luther
  • Most Like to Meet - Liam Gallagher
  • Start Date - November 2017
Prudence joins Imagine after cutting her teeth in the industry as a negotiator with a proven track record for a local co-corporate agent. Watford born and bred, she brings a wealth of knowledge with her and fits perfectly into her role as senior negotiator at our Market leading Bushey Branch. Her calm nature and work hard ethic is a breath of fresh air, she also brings our average height in the office up by several inches!
Alice Grundy - Group PA
  • Music - Dance/House
  • Food - Thai
  • Film - Lion
  • TV Programme - The Walking Dead
  • Most Like to Meet - Bear Grylls
  • Start Date - February 2018
Alice was recommended to the business when we had a maternity vacancy arise for this key role in the Company. She was younger than I had planned for such a responsible role, but I was taken with her absolute determination to prove herself and forge a career. This combined with the high regard of her recommender and the fact she interviewed superbly won me over and in very quick time I could see it wasn’t going to be a decision I regretted. Great enthusiasm to learn, very open to new ideas and bubbly personality on top.
Magdalena Lora - Sales Progressor
  • Music - Rag’n’Bone Man
  • Food - Italian
  • Film - Man on Fire
  • TV Programme - Top Gear
  • Most Like to Meet - Ozzy Osbourne
  • Start Date - February 2018
Magdalena is well used to managing busy work load having been the sole Sales Progressor at her previous company, and comes to Imagine with a wealth of experience and a cool, calm personality – perfect for navigating the inevitable bumps in the road that are part and parcel of this job role. Magdalena will take responsibility for handling her portion of the Imagine Sales Pipeline and we’re delighted to have her on board knowing that our Clients are definitely in safe hands.
Oliver Flowers - Sales Negotiator
  • Music - Anything 80’s
  • Food - Mexican
  • Film - Predator
  • TV Programme - Game Of Thrones
  • Most Like to Meet - Guy Ritchie
  • Start Date -
Without doubt the longest ever recruitment process we’ve experienced Ollie was first interviewed nearly ten years before he joined us. At the time we’d spotted him in retail and thought he had a real stand out spark. He had no driving license though and so the stars didn’t align and no deal could be done. A stray trip in to another retail outlet 9.5 years later and we stumbled upon him again. We set up another interview, he now had a car and license and this time nothing was going to stop us making it work. 10 years is a long, long time to wait for a job – for everyone’s sake we really hope he owns this opportunity now.
Laura Howard - Sales Progressor
  • Music - Toots & the Maytals
  • Food - Chocolate
  • Film - Horton hears a who
  • TV Programme - Schitts Creek
  • Most Like to Meet - Ryan Reynolds
  • Start Date -
Laura has spent the majority of her career in Residential Sales carrying out a number of roles within her branch. It became clear to her that the part of her job that she really enjoyed, and excelled at, was the after sales/Sales Progression - which is where Imagine stepped in. Laura is a welcome addition to our Sales Progression Hub and will be responsible for taking our Sales from the point they get agreed, all the way through to move day giving our clients the best service possible along the way.
Paul Gardner - Development Manager
  • Music - Eclectic! Classic rock, Indie, Hip Hop
  • Food - Steak!
  • Film - Good Will Hunting
  • TV Programme - Only Fools and Horses
  • Most Like to Meet - Jay-Z
  • Start Date - July 2018
Paul has been rooted in New Homes most of his working life. He did take some time out to trial his other passion cars, running a classic car restoration businesses. More a labour of love than a financial security he returned to New Homes where Imagine’s growing set up provided him the perfect platform to utilise his knowledge and skill sets. His role sees him look after some of our key developer contracts, come up with marketing strategies and plan out the Social Media campaigns for New Homes.
Jon Stroud - Assistant Manager
  • Music - Chill out
  • Food - Steak and Wine
  • Film - The Wolf Of Wall Street
  • TV Programme - Designated Survivor
  • Most Like to Meet - Alan Sugar
  • Start Date - April 2018
After a couple of years in the Corporate Agent world we’ve taken Jon under our wing and sharpened him up to be a really high quality all-rounder. A quick learner and adaptable, Jon can get stuck in to all elements of the job. He has some excellent creative ideas, works his socks off and has the drive and ambition to help us make Imagine the No1 agent in Hemel Hempstead as we are in our other locations.
Colleen Woods - Property Manager
  • Music - Drake
  • Food - Mediterranean
  • Film - Leon
  • TV Programme - Power
  • Most Like to Meet - The Royal Family
  • Start Date - November 2015
Colleen started her career with Imagine as our Head of Property Management, having had several years working in the field. She subsequently took maternity leave to start a family, before returning on a part time basis as one of the team. Having someone of her experience is an obvious asset. She knows the business inside out, enjoys great relationships with our contractors and landlords alike and is in a role where we can let her works times around her family. Everyone’s a winner.
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