Are you missing out on these potential tenants?

Angela Ellis

Having an empty rental property, called a void period, can be very costly to you as a landlord so ensuring you’re targeting the right types of tenants with your property’s marketing is vital. Here are 2 types of tenants you might not have considered yet;


A popular choice to rent as they’re often downsizing and rent whilst looking for their next permanent home. Ex-homeowners tend to be reliable tenants and carrying out routine maintenance. They often have their own furniture too so it would save you having to furnish it. Public transport and easy access to local amenities would be of interest. Accessible properties and being able to park at or close to their home might be key for them.

Pet owners

Whilst accepting pets might not be your first thought, there’s been a rise in pet ownership over the last 2 years and it’s reducing the rental options open to pet owners. These tenants are more likely to stay for longer, due to the difficulty of finding a pet-friendly landlord. On Zoopla today, here are the number of properties advertised as pets allowed so if your rental property was advertised as accepting pets, you’d definitely make their shortlist! 

Advertised as pets allowed in our areas:
Watford has 25 out of 194 properties
Hemel Hempstead has 9 out of 92 properties
Bushey has 3 out of 33 properties
WD25 has 0 out of 32 properties
If you’re not using us to let your property, make sure the photographs, the bullet points and the description all highlight the benefits of your home to the right potential tenants, not forgetting the ones above.