Help To Buy - FAQs

Angela Ellis

With the increased level of interest in buying a home using Help to Buy, the volume of questions has risen too. Here are the latest top questions and answers about Help To Buy schemes…

How much is it to reserve a property under Help to Buy?

The reservation fee is £500 and is fully refundable.

I’ve reserved a new home off-plan on one of your development sites, will it be ready on time? 

Whilst most home builders have returned to work on sites, it’s fair to say that not all are taking the same approach. You’ll be pleased to hear that our developers have been pulling out all the stops to ensure that they hit the deadlines. We will be updating you regularly on the progress of your new home but if you have specific questions about your development, please talk directly to our Land & New Homes team on 01923 608373.

Do I have to use your recommended mortgage advisor?

You don’t have to use ours but it is always best to use a broker/financial advisor who understands and has experience with Help to Buy mortgages. Getting someone like that in from the start in order to ensure your Help To Buy application is filled in correctly is vital or else it can delay things which puts your buying of that property at risk. Our recommended brokers deal with Help to Buy day in day out and will guide you throughout the process, as will our New Homes team.

Can I use Help To Buy if I already own a property?

No but you don’t have to be a first time buyer. You can use the scheme if your current property is sold by the time you complete on the new one.

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Have any questions about Help to Buy which haven’t been answered here? Want to view our Help to Buy homes? Please call our Land & New Homes team on 01923 608373