How the GC index has changed Imagine!

Angela Ellis

So firstly what is the GC index? 

The GC index is a highly effective assessment tool that is used to help businesses understand the strengths of each member of staff within an organisation and how these can be channeled in the most productive way possible. The data produced from the GC index is used to empower decision making, improving the overall business cycle. The index is made up of 5 key strengths; Strategist, Game Changer, Play Maker, Implementer & Polisher. Upon completion of the index, each individual is given a score in all of these 5 areas.

Words from our CEO

Mike Cole, who scored as a strategist overall, says he now realises why the GC index immediately sparked his interest upon first hearing about it. The starting point to the process involved getting all of the senior members of the board assessed. The results only exceeded our expectations revealing we have a very good balance of each criteria across the board. Having this balance is a very important factor in the running of any successful business. 

How we have benefitted

The GC index has changed the way Imagine is run and has highlighted many fundamental benefits, including greater success in the shaping of our teams and creating a perfect balance of skill sets across the company as a whole. In addition to this, many key strengths of each employee have come to light, giving a clear indication on where they are best suited within the organisation.

Having the GC index in place going forward when recruiting new staff, will not only save time carrying out these processes, but also avoid any mistakes being made in future decisions.

Feedback from our employees

We have also received endless positive feedback from our staff explaining how they feel more motivated and see clear progression within their roles. In addition to this, staff claim they have a better understanding of how they work most effectively and what drives them. This has enabled us to unlock the full potential in each of the employees within Imagine, playing to their strengths.

Imagine are officially a GC people company

Imagine have recently become a GC people company, meaning we value the impact that all our staff have on our company, taking steps to an exciting future. Watch this space.