What are the benefits to you as a tenant of using flatfair?

Angela Ellis

What is flatfair?

Welcome to deposit-free renting. Flatfair is the fastest growing deposit alternative in the UK, with hundreds of landlords signed up across the country. It means that instead of tenants paying a deposit for a property on the flatfair scheme, they sign up to a flatfair membership. 

How much cheaper is it?

Instead of being between 1 and 2 month’s rent upfront, it’s the equivalent to a week’s rent (ex VAT), split between the whole household.

As a tenant, you’ll benefit from;

•    Not paying a deposit 

•    Paying an affordable membership fee instead 

•    Avoid paying double deposits in between tenancies.

•    Independent Dispute Resolution.

•    Only paying at end of your tenancy in the event of a lawful claim.

•    Building your credit due to the fact that flatfair rewards tenants who pay their rent on time and care for their rented home.

As more of our landlords sign up to the new scheme, you’ll see more and more rental properties available using flatfair. Check out our current list of properties to rent.