What can I do to speed up my sale?

Angela Ellis

With the volumes of property transactions currently being progressed in our industry, it’s not surprising that there are a few bottlenecks along the way. If you’re selling a property through us, you’ll know that we have a Sales Progression team dedicated to progressing your sale once an offer has been accepted. 

I asked Hanan, our Head of Sales Progression, what sellers could do to help speed up the process. She did explain that all the things listed here would be relevant during any sale but are particularly relevant if you’re trying to meet the stamp duty deadline for your purchase.

Instruct your solicitor/conveyancer as soon as possible.

If you don’t have one, you can take a look at our recommended one. Please do encourage them to keep your agent informed. If you are buying/selling through us, Hanan’s team will chase them for updates and quick responses to those requests would be really helpful. 

Action their requests.

You will be sent questions by your solicitor/conveyancer and the sooner you respond to those the better. For example, you will be asked to supply proof of identification and proof of ownership. You don’t want to let these things be the cause of any delays.  

Fill those forms in.

Your solicitor/conveyancer will provide you with a ‘Property Information Form’ and a ‘Fixtures and Fittings Form’ to complete. These are fairly standard legal forms (TA6 and TA10) and give your prospective buyers detailed information about the property together with what’s included and excluded from the sale. It’s important that you get these filled out and returned as quickly as possible. 

Obtaining the leasehold management pack.

If you have a leasehold property, check that your solicitor/conveyancer has applied for the management pack. It may be quicker for you to approach your managing agent and apply for this yourself to forward on.

Chase the draft contract.

After the ‘Memorandums of Sale’ have been sent out, check with your solicitor/conveyancer to ensure that a draft contract has been sent across. If yes, ask them to confirm to your selling agent that this has been done.

Keep us posted.

It’s important that you inform us when your solicitor has received enquiries or replied to enquiries as a lot of the time these may be sat idle without any action taking place. We will keep on top of those for you.

Sign the contract.

It would be fantastic if these were ready and signed as early as possible, so this doesn’t hold up your exchange.

If you’re buying as well, do check out this blog on speeding up your purchase. There are lots of similarities but there are extra things you can do as a buyer.

Good luck with your sale!