What will your viewers be most interested in?

Angela Ellis

New research conducted using eye-tracking technology has revealed the key things that guests notice the most when visiting your home.*

Let’s take you room by room…

In the kitchen, it's the floor that won the most views by some distance, with cabinets coming in second place, and sink in third.  Surprisingly, the hob attracted the least attention, less than even the pots, pans and plants.

In the living room, coffee tables, rugs and decorative cushions pulled in the most views. No surprise that the television was bottom of the list - we must watch that enough already!
In the home office, no surprise that we all want a comfortable chair with the amount of time some of us spent working from home over the last 18 months and this topped the list by some distance. Not just in this room but the most looked at item in the whole house! This was the only room that wall art seems to have made the shortlist of popularity. 

In the bathroom, it was the mirror that attracted the most attention. Worth knowing If you're looking for quick fix to spruce up your bathroom, a new mirror might just be what you and they are looking for! 

In the bedroom, it was the throws on the end of the bed that pulled in the most and longest views. The homely touches all ranked high on the list, including decorative pillows and bedside lamps. 

In the child's bedroom, it was the cot/bed that attracted the most attention, closely followed by the bookcase, the rug, nursing chair and changing table. Blinds and lighting were the least attention-grabbing.

Here are the top 10 things that guests found most eye-catching;

- Office chairs

- Kitchen floors

- Child’s cot

- Throws on a bed

- Kitchen cabinets

- Bathroom mirror

- Drawers under the sink

- Home office computer

- Child’s bookcase

- Bedroom chest of drawers

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