Where can I get moving boxes from?

Angela Ellis

When it comes to moving boxes, the options are so much more varied than they used to be and not just in size either. You can even buy wardrobe boxes with a built-in rail and handles! What will they think of next?!

The strongest removal boxes are traditionally double walled. Other types of boxes are nowhere near as sturdy and good quality as professional moving boxes. They certainly won’t offer the same protection for your belongings so be mindful of what you use them for.

Removal firm
Your removal firm is a great place to start, if you’re using one. Some firms even include a set number of packing boxes in their quote. They will be able to sell or recommend a source for buying quality moving boxes and packing material.

Freecycle / local Facebook groups
With the volume of people moving home every week, there is always someone offering cardboard boxes and/or moving boxes. They’re usually free as well. It’s also worth keeping an eye out for people getting rid of suitcases as they’re ideal for transporting your clothes.

Who do you know…?
Have any of your friends just moved? They’ll be busy unpacking and looking for somewhere to dump those empty boxes. Get to the front of the queue. Offering to collect them will be a good move.

Recycling centres
Most of these centres have a huge section for cardboard and insist the boxes are flattened for disposal. This may mean you have reassembling to do. Do talk to staff rather than just helping yourself to items. Do check the boxes are clean as you won’t want to bring any extra ‘friends’ home!

Your smaller local shops are more likely to have empty boxes around and be grateful not to have to dispose of them. If you’re a regular visitor, the store staff might be keen to help. Keep an eye out for wine boxes, as they’re used to holding more precious cargo, and for fruit boxes as these sometimes come with a handy lid. Shoes shops are worth exploring as they apparently have large cartons to dispose of on a regular basis.

Good luck with your packing!