Why the Best Independent Estate Agents Outperform Corporate Giants…

Mike Cole

Estate agency is one of the very few businesses where the little man has not just survived, but in most towns outperformed much bigger rivals with much deeper pockets. Thank goodness. 

In a time when shopping local seems to come a poor second if the consumer can save a few sheckles by going online or to large chains, the property is one of the few business types that has bucked this trend.

There are a few reasons;

1.    Buying a property that will cost £100’s of thousands is a touchy-feely transaction, not something you can rely on the internet for or send back if you don’t like it. Some degree of human interaction remains highly preferable.

2.    There is a degree of persuasion when selling a house that can be impacted by some human interaction.

3.    Most people still prefer a go-between for negotiation on prices on a purchase of this value.

These elements have held down the impact of internet agents to this point, most of whom have failed and those who haven’t, have struggled to make the ground they expected despite cheap fees and bold, but often ludicrous, claims.

4.    Local knowledge is a key attribute of an agent and at Independents where the staff tend to stay much longer, they have a genuine wealth of knowledge on an area that buyers and sellers alike really appreciate.

5.    Independent agents can adapt their marketing to the specific needs of their direct location more easily than corporates.

6.    Agency remains a very localised business type. You wouldn’t get to a Rickmansworth agent to sell in Bushey and yet it’s only a couple of miles away. People like dealing with an agency they perceive genuinely understand their specific location and its benefits.

7.    Most important for the best independents… they engage in their community. They support local events. Have a presence in what is happening. Back charitable causes. Attend networking functions. Make a difference.

If there was one reason Imagine has thrived and led in our markets for so long it’s because we have committed to that philosophy year after year and will continue to do so. We love being part of Bushey / Watford / Hemel communities and want to keep up our support. In the last 5 years of events alone, we have organised events that have raised well over £100k and supported others with well over £100k of sponsorship. That makes a difference and it doesn’t go unnoticed by local people.