View from the Cole-Face

I'm Mike Cole, owner of Imagine. One of my priorities is to keep our marketing fresh. With the help of our Head of Marketing, I try to come up with new, or re-work old, ideas on a regular basis. The 'View from the Cole-Face' articles is one that has turned out to be a real winner.

Each article appears as part of our weekly local newspaper adverts and here on our website. This simple weekly editorial piece tells how it really is working in Estate Agency. It’s my personal view on the good and the bad of the industry, how legislation affects the business and their clients, some comedy moments, and quite frankly, anything else I feel passionate about that week!

We've found that regardless of whether the readers agree with me or not, they do appreciate my honesty, and that has further enhanced our reputation. We’ve also discovered that the homeowners who are regular readers of the articles tend to come to us when they're ready to sell.

There’s an option for you to in your inbox each week to make sure you never miss it. Alternatively, simply bookmark this page and pop back every Friday.

I hope you enjoy reading them. Do send me any property questions you’d like me to tackle in future articles via email: [email protected]

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