What do I need to do before the photographer’s visit?

Angela Ellis

James, our resident photographer, is absolutely amazing at adding the wow factor to the photographs he takes. He can’t fix the weather but on a grey cloudy day, he can even add a blue sky with his photograph editing software.

He uses his keen eye for detail to ensure we present your home at its very best. Usually that would mean shuffling a plant pot out of shot, checking he can take down birthday cards from the mantelpiece, or rolling up that rug until the photographs are finished to make your room look as large as possible. With the changes in social distancing and avoiding surface contact in your home, we've put together a list of things to do before James' visit. 

You’re likely to have done all the obvious tasks such as cleaning your home and tidying up. The ones marked with an asterisk are key for you to do under the new coronavirus government guidelines. James will be wearing a face mask and shoe covers during his visit to take your photographs. He will, immediately on arrival at your home, wash his hands.

Outside your home

The front photograph of your home is typically the one that all your buyers will look at first, whether online or in print. This is the shot that should entice them to find out more about your home. 

  • Keep your driveway clear of cars
  • Make sure the garden(s) looks clear and tidy – mowed and swept where necessary
  • Remove any dead plants from hanging baskets
  • If you have pets, remove any obvious evidence
  • Tidy up the hose pipes
  • Remove any washing lines and rotary driers
  • Move the wheelie bins out of sight, where possible (James can't touch them)*

Inside your home

It’s worth noting that kitchens and bathrooms are the most popular rooms your buyers look at help them to decide whether your home makes their shortlist.

  • Replace any non-working light bulbs
  • Make sure all the curtains and blinds are open
  • Make the beds
  • Close any drawers, cupboard and wardrobe doors
  • Take drying washing off the radiators
  • Put children’s toys away
  • Check for cables sticking out and unplug, if appropriate
  • Clear the kitchen counter (mug trees, utensil pots, small appliances etc)
  • Finish any washing up and clear the drainer
  • Hide those fridge magnets
  • Clear away dressing gowns from your bathroom
  • If you have pets, remove any baskets, litter trays, food and water bowls
  • Take down any personal photographs which shouldn’t be displayed on the internet
  • Pack away any jewellery and valuable personal items
  • Hide the bins!
  • Declutter surfaces as much as possible (James can't move anything out of shot)*
  • All surfaces at the property will need to have been wiped down beforehand*
  • Please leave all internal doors open *