Emergency contact numbers for managed property tenants

Renting one of our managed properties?

Have an emergency? In the event of a serious problem regarding your property and when Imagine offices are closed, please note the emergency contact details below. The emergency numbers are only if you’re renting a managed property through us and we’re your main point of contact. In the event the problem is not deemed an emergency or where the fault is as a result of damage or something that is not the responsibility of your landlord, you may incur a charge for any callout. Please note that these numbers are only to be used if you have a serious emergency that cannot wait until our offices are open.

If you’re not renting a managed property and usually contact your landlord in the event of an emergency, please contact your landlord directly.

What to do before calling our contractors

As a tenant, you have a duty to minimise expense to your landlord. Before calling an emergency contractor, please check any manuals and/or relevant home care policy details you've been supplied with. If you do have cause to call an emergency contractor, please also log your issue with online reporting system.

In the event of electrical failure and where it is safe to do so, please check trip switches and fuses.

In the event of loss of heating, do check the boiler/timer manual and revisit the settings before calling our contractors.

Should a leak occur, please try and isolate the water supply using the stopcock to prevent additional damage.

Emergency contact numbers

The following contractors provide emergency cover, including any holiday periods:

If your emergency relates to gas and you have British Gas cover, call 08459 500 400.

If you happen to have an emergency at your property whilst our office is closed, then please call our ‘Out of Hours’ Emergency contractors on the numbers below (as well as logging here):

For plumbing & heating emergencies, please call Space Heating – 0800 158 4423

For electrical emergencies, please call Ward Brothers Electrical - 01923 723 667

In the event that our emergency contractors are unavailable, please instruct a contractor yourself. In addition to providing us with the invoice or receipt, we’ll also need a contractors report confirming that it was an emergency issue. We can then ask your landlord to reimburse you for the cost of the call out.

Please note that if you do not provide us with a receipt or an invoice, and a contractors report, for the call out or emergency repairs, then we are unable to reimburse you for the cost. We will also not reimburse you for a call out or repair if the issue was not deemed as an emergency.

Non-emergency issues

If you have a maintenance issue, you can take advantage of our user-friendly repair reporting system, which is a simpler and easier way to report your issue online, 24/7. It will allow you to login, upload a picture of the issue together with giving us as much detail as possible to enable us to resolve it quickly for you. Simply click on the ‘report an issue’ button on this page.

As well as enabling us to deliver you a much more efficient service and arrange quicker repairs, it also provides you with various tools and useful advice. For example, it’ll give you all the information necessary to solve ‘easy-to-fix’ problems yourself that could arise such as ‘how to turn off the stopcock’.